Why Get Insurance for testing a car?

A lot of people think their insurance automatically covers them to test drive a car, but this is not so in most cases, and even if you are insured it is not at the level of cover you may think. The same is true if you are selling your car and allowing someone to take it for a spin. You may think you are covered for any driver, and therefore covered if the potential buyer has an accident, but the chances are that you are not covered at all, and even if you are, it is likely to be only third party cover. This means if the driver does damage your car in an accident, your car is not covered, only the other car involved in the accident. In theory, you in turn should be able to claim on the insurance of the other party, but how are you to know if they are even insured? You could ask beforehand for them to bring a copy of their insurance policy with them, but this may put them off even coming to looking at the car. You could take it on trust I suppose, but this sounds a very risky option, especially as they may think they are genuinely covered when they are not, if they are only a named driver on someone else’s policy for example. This is not a risk I would like to take, as you could end up seriously out of pocket.

Benefits of Temporary Insurance

A solution to insurance for a road test is to take out temporary insurance. Not only does this cover you for comprehensive risks, but it also protects your no claims bonus. If you added someone else, or an additional vehicle to your policy you would be putting this at considerable risk. It can take you years to build up a decent level of no claims discount, as much as 65% of your total policy cost, so to lose it could have serious financial repercussions for many of us. With the costs of motoring so high, I certainly wouldn’t want to take the risk. What makes this type of insurance really attractive is that you can get it for a little as one day, or up to 28 days. You can extend the cover for longer if you wish, but for taking cars for a trial a day or two is absolutely ideal, as you can easily organise the insurance cover the same day as you’re arranged to try the car out. If, unlike me, you are organised, you can even arrange it all a couple of days in advance!

How to Obtain Temporary Insurance Cover

You can get temporary cover very simply online, with very fast quotes. Documents are provided straight away, once you’re happy with the level of cover and price. You generally have to be over 18 years-of-age; different providers have different rules regarding age limits. Any previous driving history is taken into account, as with all insurance. If you have penalty points on your licence, or have previously had a disqualification, then this could impact on your cover and the cost of it. You will of course need to have a current UK driver’s licence.

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